That would be me. I like doing everything and anything that interests me. I have a short attention span but writing holds me. This more than 5 year blog is proof of that.

I sing, I dance, I write, I argue, I am a proud woman and a reasonable feminist.

I also love styling my hair and shoes and bags and eclectic outfits is my secret vice.

I thrive on technology and can be seen toting around atleast 3-4 gadgets at a time.

If for some insane reason you feel the need to connect with me, I am on twitter. Or just drop me a line here.

Otherwise, just read my words. That is enough. 🙂


3 thoughts on “aaliznat

  1. Girl! I couldn’t help but read some of your old posts (I’d love to go back and read all) and I swear you’re brilliantly beautiful with the set of those mere 26 alphabets. Just know that you are awesome :*
    P.s. This blog is one of my new found interests.

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