A guide to being lonely. 

Start by finding a corner. Cleanse it of things that make you happy. Crowd it with remnants of memories gone by.

Like shards of glass spread them around.

Next build a barricade. No not a wall. Only trump wants that. More like fencing. With barbed wire, to keep everyone else but you out. 

So that it hurts the ones who want to come in.

Now choose a day. Let their be no significance to the day except it’s emptiness. Let the sadness linger. Don’t answer any questions.

Lunch will be a plate of regret and a glass of humiliation.

Let the sun set. Let all hope in your life set too. Go sit in that corner. And open an empty text. Imagine the vastness of this universe and your small role in it. 

Turn around and find no one to share your day with. 

The weight of this melancholy will finally crush you down till you can’t breath. And you’ll find yourself crying. Let it happen. Let your unanswered texts and glances and hopes flow out of you. Scream if you have to. Sob loudly.

Curl up and feel time slipping away. You are lonely now. 

Follow this guide at the risk of your sanity. Being lonely is an art. Hiding it as indifference and happiness is a masterpiece. 


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