This is Harnidh’s beautiful writing as a gift to me on my birthday which was 17th September.

She is an amazing poet and an even more brilliant human being. Catch her on twitter @Pedestrianpoet.

ForeverAwkward (And Maybe Learning)

The first time I saw you,
I felt like I do on stage,
when I get up, with a new poem
in hand, and offer it to an audience
that expects much out of me,
and demands payments
for the gazes it grants, and it is
that thrill that rushed through
my bones, sparklers glittering
in my bloodstream, little
gunpowder fuelled fireflies,
floating through my heart,
down into my brain,
and up into the tips of my
I swear I could feel my fingertips
glow, glow red with heat,
and want and need, and
the flames spread through
my cheeks and chest, as I
stood there, probably looking like
a gulmohar tree in bloom,
the fire of the forest mirroring
the fire in me, and you were
kindling, dried twigs and brushwood,
the wind pushing me closer to you-
ninety percent of forest fires
are caused by human callousness,

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