Constructions and doors.

As the demolition crew comes near
Hold your breath
Let the walls crumble one by one.
Let the rooftop come crashing down
Let it rain splinters around you

Sit on the grass cross legged.
In your best Sunday dress.
And watch every second of it.

Don’t mourn the stained glass window
Don’t mourn the pictures on the mantlepiece.
Don’t sigh at the remains of the living room sofa
Don’t remember the taste of the cakes of the erstwhile oven

The noises in your head will grow louder by now
And the goosebumps will make their way out on your skin
Sit still and don’t close your eyes.

No one needs to see the breaking down in parts of you.
No one needs to know that your skin feels alien now.
No one will notice that everything is gone but the door still stands.

So open that door when you’re alone.
Snuggle into the bed that remains
And then when the world sleeps peacefully
Thinking that nothing ever fazes you
Let the tears come. Let them flow.
Sing the ballads that your heart writes
Question everything and everyone.
Bite your lower lip till it bleeds

Remember to sleep
Remember to wake up
Remember to walk.


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