With this, I thee w(b)ed

They said his chains would never let me go anywhere
They said his darkness would make me go blind
They said his barbs will cut into my skin and leave scars
They said he was broken and my hugs couldn’t fix him.

I disrobed and stood naked in front of them then
They feasted their eyes on my disfigured soul
They marvelled at my torn breast and the pumping heart peeking out
They pawed and touched my naked thighs and tried to create a thigh gap
They licked the rivulets of blood from my arms and my forehead

And they said,
we now pronounce you man and wife
Together in happiness and strife
Locked together in a death embrace
Tear each other or live with grace

I collected my robes and went to the bed we shared
He was waiting
Because that’s what we do
Wait for each other to become unbroken and complete
And create love that we understand.


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