Guest Post: Tanzila.

A Guest Post that I wrote. It is a piece very close to my heart because of the layers I attempted to peel with it.



I met a goddess when I went walking around today. I saw her sitting all pensive and looking at people around her with sadness. I asked her why. She said she didn’t want to be a goddess anymore. It was too much responsibility.


I asked her about the fun she would have with so many people worshiping her. Didn’t it give her a high to have people revere her?


She scoffed at me and said no one asked her before making her a goddess. No one asked her if she ever wanted to sin but just repeated that she was pure. She wanted love and passion, all she got was piety


She said she was tired of the bells in her temple. Because they awakened her from her slumber and she liked to sleep late in the morning. But the people, they came calling…

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