Swimming in You.

If you were a pool of water

I would walk on your periphery careful to not get water on me

Wait for the ripples to die down from the stone I threw a few moments back

Dip my toes and draw circles on your surface

Sit and look at your brilliant blueness and sigh

Wrap my arms around myself and rub them.

The cool wind you are throwing my way is giving me goosebumps.

Slowly disrobe to stand in front of you and watch my reflection on your depths

Then lower myself into your welcoming warmth and stay still

Submerge myself and let my thoughts drift and float on the surface

Come up for air a few times as I caress the length and breadth of you

Tire myself out and just lounge around in your liquid sensation

And then, leave and promise to return soon.

My recitation for the lines above: https://soundcloud.com/tanzila/swimming-in-you


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