Of Hair Conditioners and Conditioning

My hair is behaving like a drunken debauch hung over woman. All over the place. Why? Because I did not use a hair conditioner today. And this made me question something else in life. Conditioning. I mean I don’t condition my hair for 2 days and aunties look at me like they would buy me a comb if I so much as glanced at them. But whattodo mon! This is my natural unruly hair. I can treat my hair to a point but I have to let it be also. Let it down, hang loose etc.
I was obviously going in for an analogy type of statement here but it isn’t working out that way since I haven’t explained what this analogy is about. It’s about conditioning. How we are conditioned to think and behave in a certain way. What I am saying is that none of us are not influenced by our conditioning. And this is an ongoing process.
As a kid you are conditioned to be good, share stuff, write neatly, get good marks, get raakhi tied till class 5th and then run away from the same girls post class 6th. In college you are conditioned to fit into some sort of a clique. Whether it is the branded clothes ones or the jhola and kurta gang or the misfits. Even the misfits are a product of conditioning. I could go on about the various phases of our lives and how deep this conditioning determines our behavior.
My hair behaves like it truly is when I remove all conditioners from my hair washing routine. I will probably be the way I am when I don’t have any conditioning to be behave a certain way in my life. The most liberated ones of us are also conditioned to be liberated. It’s a thought easy to deny, easy to say that you are doing what you always wanted to do, and it has nothing to do with anyone else.  But be honest, it does. Compromise is conditioning. Changing the channel to a program that the whole family can watch instead of something only you will like is also conditioning.
Well, I am going to make sure I forget the conditioners once in a while. How about you?

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