A Twitter Tale of Debauch Emotions

Twitter is a fun place. Sometimes it becomes a productive place as well. For us three, @aaliznat @ThatRedDeviL and @lucifer_sam666 it was the most fun we could have had playing with emotions of every kind.
We ended up with a web of gossip that will have you grabbing popcorn, a pen and paper and making a family tree out of every emotion that crosses your mind. Read on. *straight face*
(The following is a compilation of tweets between the three tweeters mentioned above, the handle in front tells you which tweeter tweeted it and all are addressed to all three of us.)
Day 1:
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  T he’s schizophrenic, never mind.
F5. @aaliznat  we all are. welcome to the club?
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  you too! I’m not schizophrenic, John will get very angry.
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  he’s french, also Irony’s cousin.
F5. @aaliznat  perfect match for my niece, Blasphemy then.
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  I think he’s already dating curiosity 
F5. @aaliznat no way! curiosity is a good match for peeping tom! 
A @ThatRedDeviL  so peeping tom likes curiosity likes blasphemy likes irony. But, what about crazy ?
F5. @aaliznat  crazy is a nymph. Likes all.
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  I dunno man! How about setting him up with dingy?
F5. @aaliznat  dingy and creepy are engaged to be married. Duh!
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666 what!! Creepy was seeing crawly last! Do no mein lafda ho gaya?
A @ThatRedDeviL  crawly is irony’s ex right ?
F5. @aaliznat  ya man. Had they never broken up, this mess wouldn’t have happened.
A @ThatRedDeviL  blasphemy I say ! this is just crazy ! Peeping tom, out of curiosity, acted all creepy. Oh, the irony.
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  ya man! She was dating oxymoron! Imagine.. Btw! I heard blasphemy is lesbian with scandal
F5. @aaliznat  someone will scream bi bi to her anytime now. but wait a minute sarcasm saw oxymoron and scandal necking!
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  blasphemy can always go back to impiety for the sake of mockery their child, oxy will ditch her for bluff!!
Bottom of Form
F5. @aaliznat  mockery is actually the offspring of impulse and blasphemy. One night stand at empathy’s party
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  what about impiety should I hook him up wd profanity? Oh! That party where pity was hitting on sympathy??
F5. @aaliznat  good idea. And sympathy is head over heels for liability, ask pity to fuck off man! 
A @ThatRedDeviL pity is an ass.he was after horny too. sympathy likes liability, and apathy is disappointed.jealousy should help!
A @ThatRedDeviL  oh ya. That party. Apathy felt left out because sympathy didn’t give her attention.
A @ThatRedDeviL  jealousy and profanity? i thought they were an item. who is this impiety now. wait, where is impulse?
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  dude pity was desperate for Apathy but started hitting on sympathy over empathy’s watch! Fuck man! Sense is weeping!
Top of Form
A @ThatRedDeviL  scandal and oxy too had a thing in empathy’s party. but blasphemy is a lesbian. there was a threesome too?
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  orgy is hurt because she wasn’t invited, also! Sense committed suicide and stupidity is in jail for abetment!
F5. @aaliznat  blasphemy is bi.I know she is my niece. Also sense and anxiety have been going on a few dates now. 
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  anxiety and sense were cousins, is this why sense committed suicide?
F5. @aaliznat  sense’s suicide must b because of anxiety’s attack. Sigh! Nonsense should bail stupidity out. Where is faith?
A @ThatRedDeviL  sense is alive!sense cheated on curiosity. and attacked anxiety. and blamed it on stupidity! faith is with mockery
A @ThatRedDeviL   also stupidity pushed sense to commit suicide then how is sense with anxiety. sense is lying! like always!
F5. @aaliznat  poor incest. She waited for anxiety all night that night. Sigh!
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666 faith went out with hope, both are lost with wonder and now asking doubt and awry to guide them!! 
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  no wonder she called angst that night, but he was making out with agony. 
F5. @aaliznat  faith was going out with mockery and you say hope! two timing that is. what will hope’s husband smile say.
A @ThatRedDeviL  damn. and i thought this is all crazy. but crazy was doing nonsense. btw, sexy is back!
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  no! Wonder is hope’s child apparently faith said hope is always lost, also once Agony found her with doubt.
F5. @aaliznat sexy is back with damn! Yes! I knew it. Kept telling goodness she isn’t the one for sexy.
F5. @aaliznat  but didn’t hope say agony is just jealous and doubt is a woman beater. She actually fancies miracle.
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  sexy slept wt her twin sexy now incest and sacrilege have been having meeting bc they don’t know if vanity approves
F5. @aaliznat   its time they asked white lie to intervene and set the record straight.
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  lie!! That scamster has been roaming around calling himself Truth, love believes him can you beat that?
A @ThatRedDeviL  hope is just playing games with miracle. vanity will not mind at all because vanity is sleeping with ugly!
F5. @aaliznat  Aah! Thts why marvel met miracle. Ugly cancelled the weekend trip with vanity. Now we know where he was.
A @ThatRedDeviL  marvel met fuckery after meeting miracle. marvel hates impulse. this is all corny’s fault!
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666 hope’s been secretly dating fallacy all along! Miracle met marvel over coffee & they saw them togther! hope is a hoe 
A @ThatRedDeviL  omg. hope is a hoe! who is white lie now? wasn’t he the dude that stood up miss phoney coz she was fake!
F5. @aaliznat  phoney and fake are identical twins. White lie told mistake all about it.
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  oh god good! Now mistake knows about it now she will go tell love to stay away.
F5. @aaliznat that is why love is on holiday. it wanted to get away from fake and phoney. help is also on its way there.
A @ThatRedDeviL  help needs to be careful. lie, love, mistake has a rival gang. hate, sense and agony are trying to misguide help.
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  help is dead apparently she couldn’t help herself first so wrath met with gluttony and killed her
F5. @aaliznat  greed planned it all. to make sure he and sloth could get away and just slobber over each other.
A @ThatRedDeviL  envy, right now, is ganging up with anger. they are trying to get lust to have a fling. love is lost.
Top of Form
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  oh love has been with suffocate too long to come back, hell eventually find hope but she will be with doubt. Loop
A @ThatRedDeviL  love is a bitch! oh, white lie is truth? but truth was with fallacy. omg. this will cause scandal to outrage.
F5. @aaliznat  but outrage is on a holiday with love as we speak. melancholy will console scandal.
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  I thought lie, love and mistake were a thing? Aren’t they BFF’s? Melancholy just needs to meet smile fucking emo!
F5. @aaliznat  smile is committed. melancholy should go on a blind date with moron. that will lighten her up.
 A @ThatRedDeviL  moron! he is always hated. melancholy should sleep with moron to get over the heart break. rebound wont like it.
F5. @aaliznat  that rebound fellow needs to meet retard. he always plays gets spoilsport in between and ruins everything.
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  fucking dickheads! Where is lust when she’s needed? Once she comes greed, sloth and all will pounce on her..
Top of Form
A @ThatRedDeviL  envy and anger against greed and sloth. omg! this is war!!! for lust! it’s all about pride.
F5. @aaliznat  love has help at hand. lust will take care of them but she is herself all about that glutton fellow.
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  pride is with exult and sneer having a chat with vanity, teehee.
Day 2:
F5. @aaliznat  almost done. Makes no sense but fucking hilarious!
AK-47 @lucifer_sam666  obviously sense was weeping and was too disinterested
A @ThatRedDeviL  oh no no no ! Not again ! This is insane !
F5. @aaliznat  insane is on a cigarette break with logic right now.
You may want to take a break after reading it. It’s ok, we were pretty mindfucked after this ourselves.
To Twitter that makes life fun in 140 characters
To people who make Twitter fun.

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