Love. Lost. Found.

This is the season of love. Atleast its the season of weddings here in india. And a lot of them will be love. Hopefully. Atleast my largely optimistic heart feels that they should be love. Because nothing gets my endorphins kicking up a frenzy more than hearing about another love story getting a rightful beginning.  Because amidst all that posing for pictures, those moments of love shine through like a diamond discovered.  A moment which elicits those awww comments and a sense of ‘they can see nothing but each other right now’
In the recent past I have seen people lose and find love a lot. I have been amongst them too. I hope for the ones searching, they get their shiny crazy diamond dazzle moment soon. And my own zeal for making sure my love isn’t lost in all this becomes stronger. Because I feel that I am that beacon of hope. Just like other couples in love are for me. A symbol of, they made it. So can we. It makes me feel that I need to do this, no matter what because someone’s love depends on mine. 
It feels like build up which just brings about strength to others. I mean, if someone making it makes me feel that I can do it, then my making it will make someone hearing my story believe that their love is worth it, its worth the tears. Its worth the wait. Otherwise all is lost. This crusade of love is. This crusade which will balance the yin and yang. Bring about that equilibrium. An equilibrium of believers and non believers. And I won’t mind ever if the believers upset the balance by swelling in numbers.
When I think about the believers, I keep thinking about the times that people switch sides. So when you believe you love, if you don’t believe you just don’t. And I have seen this loyalty being switched near me recently. It makes me question which is more difficult, to find or to lose love. 
I wish I could culminate this post by saying something moving, something that makes more sense. But it’s just a wisp of a thought. And my crusade has just begun. For love. To keep this love glowing and to make sure that this love gives hope to others. Because this is that one right which is a bigger fundamental right than any other. The right to choose who to love.  You may choose wrong but I will fight till my last breath to make that choice. Of love.

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