the transient self

I stand and gaze at the horizon… at the clouds melting into the sea
And the need to be one with another has never been so obvious for me
The waves wash off the shore and the sand below my feet slowly erodes
it reminds of so many moments that just slipped by and left a residue behind
I try to write a memory …deep and as many times as I can… to make it stay
I decorate it with shells… lil pieces of life in the otherwise lifeless sand
But we all forget, shores are transient… always changing… always dissolving
And I wish that my mind could be just that… a shore, transient…
But the memories etched there are more permanent than shells
And simply scrubbing my mind won’t help… neither will anything else
Because time and again I melt, I dissolve, I disappear
Where else but, Into the horizon of my memories…
Being one with the one that will always be mine
My mirage, my hope, my life once, my lifelessness now.

(a result of a friend’s status message and my own sleeplessness)


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