Love… its unrelenting, its merciless… it makes you the person you are and sets you free… and then shackles you in chains with its unseen demands… it hurts, it hurts so much that you cannot imagine something so beautiful is capable of squeezing your heart so hard that you cannot breathe.. it tears your insides and pulls you in all directions possible… and you stretch, you bend, you flex… all to accommodate it as best as you can… and still there is this large amount left that needs more room, more flexing, more stretching…

So why do we still want to be in love… because when we wake up every morning and sleep at night… the fact that our first or last thought is about love, rather the person you love envelops you in such a way that every last ounce of pain just escapes your body in a sigh… and so you are ready to do it all over again everyday, every night…

I know I am… 🙂


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