Dev D, Mumbai and life in general

some views, some rambling… verbatim from an email i got from Gaurav… it made a lot of sense to me… so sharing it became essential… here it goes… written while watching DEv D accompanied by Whiskey (tut tut… DEvinder Singh Dhillon preffered poison of choice was Smirnoff Vodka.. the likes of which he gulped down like water… )

I am watching Dev D .. There’s no way ur dad or anyone from our parents generation would ever come clse to liking it. Its because it is quite realistic to us.. We see or experience some things and can in some way understand the concepts behind the movie. I am sure ppl of our parents generation can’t understand a lot in the movie as we do… Its a generation thing… Nor can they understand ppl geting wasted and cheap thrills … they are at a stage where they have seen and experienced some things and loath a lot of stuff that the film potrays …. While we are young and open to all things new or old… Mostly new …. Come on I don’t think our parents wld appreciate the idea of paid sex and prostitution and sleaze, drugs and money… I wonder would our thoughts on these issues too undergo a change if not as much as our parents but maybe somewhere in between… Is it because we want to do this right now we advocate for some things … But when we get older have a daughter and when she grows up be just as our parents are … So that we can teach them about right and wrong… Man it sounds hipocritical … But I am sure our parents must have have just as wild thoughts as us… The problem is I guess that u can’t teach anyone with ur experiences … U need to experience and make mistakes on ur own to learn from them … Getting back to the movie I agree its nice movie and I liked it .. And I love the way the whole story has been told. B’bay for me was something like this.. I wasn’t escaping from stuff or didn’t pay for sex or something … But yeah there was one time when I did drink a lot just to escape from the real boring mundane schedule that life had become….. I look back at it and now see some good memories and a lot of wasted time…. I didn’t like b’bay as much because I hated the regionalism that we were subjected to at various occasions there… Also I had self confidence issues when I was in b’bay… I didn’t have a clue of why what and who… I couldn’t decide things for myself … Now when I go there its just like any other city I may have lived in … For example delhi wouldn’t mean much to me if u were not there… It wld be just any other city as well where I wld come to do some work and go back… I think its the people that make the difference … Also people we meet often … I think we don’t appreciate them as much as ppl we don’t meet that often … Maybe fimilarity breeds contempt… I really don’t have as many friends in b’bay … And somehow for me barring a few friends all have drifted … Just because we don’t share common interests any longer .. Just a chat maybe once in an year.. it suddenly dawns on u … When u realise and start to measure friendships and become more practical about it… There was a time when I would fight with my dad if we had work on sundays coz I just wanted to be wit friends … Now sometimes my parents question me why I don’t socialise as much … I guess it has to do with the fact that one suddenly realises a lot truths, and priorities … And the.fact that friends are there on ur convinience and as per theirs … Quite a materialistic thought … But I guess after a point of time u begin to think this ways about it… U socialise more with new friends and ppl u r in touch with … U make plans and then do some stuff … Just a barter between people for an exchange .. Of oneself so that u can have a change and have some fun as well. . God I started with the movie and kahaan pahunch gaya main…. Roll and ramble … Anyways a lot of things are easier said than done… It shall take some time to realise how much we change as we age… Till then just dream on and live on….


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