that time of the year..

ok.. so i went through the first performance appraisal in my life and it has taught me so many lessons…

i feel dejected, hurt and pissed at the whole unfair world.. but its also told me to wisen up and take charge.. its told me that the spoken word in the corporate world just amounts to miscommunication and u need to have written proof to shove up ur directors ass if they backtrack… its also told me that nepotism has not and wont ever die and to be able to sometimes do better u need to look better as well… it has told me that i am not alone in this game of chess but i am alone in fighting it out to make it better or worse for me… it has taught me that i can be totally let down but some things in life just wont stop.. u gotta keep going on….

and this has told me that this is the first of the many yet to come…. for better or for worse…
and i shall face them and i shall celebrate or mourn one day… but will bounce back ready to take the world on…..



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