hot pink or cherry red….

ok… so my hot new color till now was cherry red from avon.. it looked so so amazing… so sexy. so very hot… but i had been hearing about this heavenly hot pink for quite some time…. so my blonde at heart sis… 🙂 got it finally to celebrate the end of her ordeal (read exams).. and what a way to celebrate…the color has the niceness of pink mixed with the tanginess of hot summer months…. it gives u a bubble gummy sense but does not make u look any less hot than u want to with a baby pink type color…

now why i am sayin all this is coz i wanna see which one is hotter the pink or the red…. both have the oomph.. the ooh the aah that any self respecting chica would die for… but still… both are shades which were frowned upon for being too tacky and bright.. but see how things have changed….

which brings me to another thing.. are we in terms of fashion going back to trashy…. i mean bright tacky colors, strange contrasts, weird jewellery, funky shoes.. which may not even match ur outfit or even contrast it… i mean blue shoes with a red dress… not that i dont wear all of that.. i do and i love it watever little i have of it… but i am just putting a thought to paper that may just be true.. that TRASH IS IN!!!!

but again… my nails are waiting for the decision.. since i need to paint my juliettes to make them fab fab fab…. aah well its hot pink then…. the red one just has to go this time… time to unleash thy hotness…


4 thoughts on “hot pink or cherry red….

  1. Hey girl…Thanks for stopping by. I got a little too detailed in my blog and when I read it again today I was a little embarrased by it all. I took some of the details out. Sorry about that. I was just so frustrated by by husbands worries. Thanks for hanging in there with me and excusing my rambling… And you keep on with the hotness! KC

  2. Hi there – looks like a lively and unpredictable blog to me…… Up, down and somewhere in between! Thanks for visiting me recently. I have been on keyboard detox since then but I’m back now. Cheers T

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