cheers to friends who make normal conversations so much fun….

so i am like bored outta my mind in the office and have nothin to do when Calvin (its the pseudonym i would like to give Mr. S.G) starts talkin bout prospective dates and prospects in life… (its significant since he sits across from me and we were still chatting) but thats not what we are talkin bout here… i just re read this convo and realised how nice it is.. how funny it is… how we can laugh at our own sadnesses and cheer each other up…. aah the joy of being young…. so here goes…

18:00 me: koi nahi

abhi chadne ko aasman aur bhi hai
S: 😦
18:01 me: owwwww
S: i am bored..
me: so am i.. with my life in geenral
S: its been two years tht i have been single now..
18:02 me: lack of oppurtunity or lack of will
S: a combination of both and the signs are ominous..
18:04 me: dekho jab jab jo jo hona hai.. tab tab vo vo hota hai
S: kya tumme bindu ke bapuji ki aatma ghus gayee hain?
me: nahi
18:05 par yeh b grade hindi filmein pe pali hui ladki ki mental state zaroor hai
(at this point Calvin started singing bindu re bindu from padosan)
i think the song is very apt
the one taht you are singin right now
18:09 hehehehehhehhehhehee
S: damn..
(Calvin changes his status message to “while my guitar gently weeps)
the situation being what it was it just sounded damn funny and a desperate plea…
me: this is funny
S: i lost my only hope in delhi..
me: while ur”guitar” gently weeps
18:10 S: me and my ill timed sense of humour..(by this he meant that the girl he was talkin to.. when she asked him about chicks in her office.. he went ahead and praised some other babe)
me: all is not lost calvin
u just acted like calvin….
he loves susie
but says teh meanest things to her
u just did that
S: yeah..
but calvin is like nine..
he has time on his hand..
18:11 me: good point
but guys always are 9
no amount of puberty can change that
18:12 S: well, there i a diff..
nine year olds dont have pubes
guys are always 15!
me: they dont have pubes
but they sure do act there entire lives like tehy do
18:13 S: well..
to the child in all of us!
18:14 me: hahahhahaha
what a convenient way to hide ur boo boo
kuchh bhi gadbad ho.. bolo mera bachpana hai…..
and people generally buy it too
18:16 S: welll.she did finally reply..
to say good bye..
me: see(typical guy behavior.. overreacting)
18:17 there could be a very simple explanation for this…. like
she migt have just gotten busy with work
like we do too
S: yeah..
me: so its really not the worst case scenario
S: wat i need now is a poa
plan of action..
i am thinking..
18:18 me: hmm…
S: the perennial problem of asking her out without sounding desperate…
i feel like i am nine again!
me: hence proved
see above for reference
S: QED..
18:19 me: see you can just call her generally tomorrow
and tell her that if she has no plans lets have coffee
its very simple you know
its not like you guys are in school when its all awkward and all
18:20 coffee is very harmless
S: arre..last time she was in town and we were supposed to have coffee , i eneded up being at work late..
me: saturday mate
S: and it was kinda weird..
it was a saturday!
me: weekends bane hi hum jaise executives ke liye hai
18:21 S: my job is hampering my love life..
me: else we shall have no life]
listen you dont have to work this saturday
feign illness
make sure you dont have to
say u ahve prostate cancer
say u think u have
18:22 😀

after this we just went on our trip laffing away to glory and singing cheap hindi songs too… moving outside the office coz Calvin was dyin for a smoke and his hair stood on all ends…

our conversation also ended with our speculating on why we keep talkin bout living in the moment and never do.. we are just so focussed on the future and what to do…. what a turn to the light hearted conversation of girls…

we talked about this and that.. yin and yang…. and so it goes.. conversations i suppose are like that….. i love them…. and i love my friends for making them so nice too….


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