the weekend that was…..

aah well… i am on a writing spree here…. but gaurav was here for the weekend and it was the first time that i did not cry when he left… knowing me its a damn big thing…. but that was because when he went back i knew that i would be seeing him again… it dint feel like it was the last time i was seeing him (like always)… the amount of love i could see in his eyes when looked at me was just so overwhelming i dint know what to say… when did i get so lucky to have a man love me so much…. fine he isnt perfect.. i mean he has his own faults…. his own idiosyncrasies.. but so do i… and he managed to make me feel like a really special person…. he always does but this time it was different.. i cant explain but i miss him more than ever… he misses me a lot too.. more than he has ever expressed before…..

we danced, we laughed, we teased each other, we fought, i cried, he said sorry, i told him he never has to say sorry to me…. blah blah blah…..oh i so love being in love with gaurav…

in all this i even wrote a couple of lines.. this was when i was a little sad about something on sunday…..

” a crumpled white sheet
bed covers thrown back
a strand of hair curled up on the pillow
air thick with long lost sighs and breathing
the untouched room holds the secrets of a thouand passions unfolding…

red rimmed eyes lost in a memory
the quiver of lips heavy with unspoken words
hands tied together in a nervous knot
skin perfumed with a time not long ago
the touched body unfolds the secrets of its occupants…

ah! the power of silence,symbols and passions
of lost breathings and unspoken words
of white sheets and perfumed skin
of secrets held and secrets lost
i’ve found the best storyteller in a place where there is none…”


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