the search for a song…..

my extremely inhuman boss Prashant (hehehehehehe…..just wanted to make you sound that way…..) made me search and search for the song that is his caller tune. he just wouldnt tell me…. i mean why would you do dat when you know what is it and pretend like you dont. all i knew about the song was that i had heard it on one of the promos for MTV for there “ubharta sitara” thingie… and the words went something like “we are young.. we love green…” and he just kept feigning ignorance….. but my persistence paid off…. i finally found the song after some amount of hardwork (read googling)… it was the song alright by supergrass…. honestly i never knew a band like that existed (now dont go calling me musically challenged) i just dont care too much about remembering or following any particular genre or artiste i just download, listen, sing watever catches my fancy at that point…. this particular song is just one of those only.

its a very funny uplifting fresh kinda song.. do listen to it from the link below…..


2 thoughts on “the search for a song…..

  1. Honey,sometimes you should just admit that there are people who are good with certain things and just bother to ask.Get the cue? good luck with the blog writing.Uh,well,Cheerio!

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