Introducing Myself…..

but is it really necessary… naah.. so i wont go into any long boring bio kinda thing here since honestly who has the time!!!!!!

but some stuff about me which is unnecessary but since i need to fill in space here on the blog i will mention them:

  • i hate writing anything in caps not even when i say ‘i’
  • i hate any kind of punctuation
  • i like talking to myself
  • i love walking alone
  • i loooooooove rain
  • i am thought of as mad sometimes (well, mostly actually)
  • i love music in general (no please dont ask me what kinds coz i never have an answer to that)
  • i love being in love
  • i am currently tryin very hard to lose weight
  • i can dance even when theres no music.. anyplace… anytime
  • yada yada yada

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